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This page contains an interactive key, synonym finder, host record finder, description and diagnosis for the economically important species of Cotesia. Further down on this page are the synonym locator, host-list, and the INTKEY interactive key. Habitus images (below) link to the individual species pages. Images of the cocoon, forewing, hindleg, lateral metasoma, dorsal mesosoma and propodeum plus first three metasomal terga are found on the species pages. These diagnostic images may be compared with images from all of the other Cotesia species by clicking on the pertinent body region.

Identification Keys to the Economically Important Species of Parasitic Wasps of the Genus
Cotesia (Hymenoptera:Braconidae)

Cotesia chilonis (Matsumura)

Cotesia congregata (Say)

Cotesia cyaniridis (Riley)

Cotesia electrae (Viereck)

Cotesia flaviconchae (Riley)

Cotesia flavipes (Cameron)

Cotesia glomerata (Linnaeus)

Cotesia hesperidivorous (Viereck)

Cotesia hyphantriae (Riley)

Cotesia kariyai (Watanabe)

Cotesia kazak (Telenga)

Cotesia koebelei (Riley)

Cotesia lunata (Packard)

Cotesia marginiventris (Cresson)

Cotesia medicaginis (Muesebeck)

Cotesia melanoscela (Ratzeburg)

Cotesia melitaearum (Wilkinson)

Cotesia murtfeldtae (Ashmead)

Cotesia phobetri (Rohwer)

Cotesia praepotens (Haliday)

Cotesia rubecula (Marshall)

Cotesia sesamiae (Cameron)

Cotesia vestalis (Haliday)

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Important species of Cotesia and their well-known hosts.

Cotesia species Common name of host Scientific name of host
C. autographae (Muesebeck) soybean looper Pseudoplusia includens
C. congregata (Riley) tobacco hornworm Manduca sexta
C. flaviconchae (Riley) alfalfa butterfly Colias eurytheme
C. flavipes Cameron cereal stem borer Chilo partellus
C. glomerata (Linnaeus) imported cabbageworm Pieris rapae
C. hyphantriae (Riley) fall webworm Hyphantria cunea
C. kazak  (Telenga) Old World bollworm Helicoverpa armigera
C. marginiventris (Cresson) beet armyworm Spodoptera exigua
C. melanoscela  (Ratzeburg) gypsy moth Lymantria dispar
C. orobenae (Forbes) cross-striped cabbageworm Evergestis rimosalis
C. plathypenae (Muesebeck) green cloverworm Plathypena scabra
C. plutellae  (Kurdjumov) diamondback moth Plutella xylostella
C. rubecula (Marshall) imported cabbageworm Pieris rapae
C. ruficrus (Haliday) various armyworms (Asia) Spodoptera spp.
C. xylinus (Say) variegated cutworm Peridroma saucia
C. yakutatensis (Ashmead) alfalfa semilooper Autographa californica

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